Here’s My Chunky Body

Four Dollars Reward.  Run away, in the night of the 12th of this instant November, from the subscriber, in Bethel township, Chester county, a native Irish servant woman named Mary Corney, aged about 25 years, says she has a husband in the army at Boston, has full grey eyes, and black hair, a short and chunky body; had on and took with her, when she went away, two long gowns, one striped calicoe, patched , the other good, a black silk hat, a brown skirt, and a striped flannel petticoat, one pair of shoes, and a pair of channel pumps, one check apron, blue stockings, and a claret colour cloak with a cap, and a check bag to carry her things.  Whoever secures said servant, so as her master may have her again, shall have the above reward, and reasonable charges paid by Joseph Larkin [Pennsylvania Gazette, November 13, 1775]


This was my entry into the Runaway A Day segment featured on the Journal of the American Revolution blog.  Sadly, I didn’t get in. Maybe too much Resting Bitch Face?  How happy would you be if you were a down-on-her-luck indentured servant trying to get back into the manly arms of your campaigning husband! This is actually an impression I’d like to try sometime, since my IRL manly-armed husband doesn’t reenact and I have to come up with some excuse as to why I’m a single-lady campfollower.

Check out all the Runaway A Day entries here, starting with the fabulous Kozy Kitty.

  All photos by Sarahchrisphotography



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