hats and stuff

I volunteered to work at Claude Moore Colonial Farm‘s summer Market Fair this weekend, so I wanted to 1771 up my headgear. I already had this black straw hat, but due to an enlightening conversation on the Rev War reenactors facebook page, decided I wanted to re-do it. I also wanted it to be smaller and more tilted in front and back.

hat 2.png
Lady Clayton c. 1760
hat 3.png
Lady with a Fan c. 1760

So I took my generic black straw hat and took off the poufs and soaked it in plain water then shaped and let dry. (I had previously used shellac with”meh” results.) ~



I found a starting point and ripped out the stitches and unwound the layers until it was about 10 inches ~

This step makes a huge mess, btw.

I cut out my black silk taffeta using Larkin & Smith’s always excellent instruction and documentation booklets/patterns ~


After which I totally didn’t take any more pictures because I’m a terrible blogger and the laziest human being ever.  But here’s the finished hat!


Hopefully I gave it enough tilt and can ever-so-slightly change some other wardrobe items so that it is more representative of the time period Claude Moore interprets. I started this Pinterest board to help me: https://www.pinterest.com/jenfisha/portraits-1760-1770/

I just like this shabby, presumably black silk covered hat.



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