My Bonnet’s Name is Stephen.



“This leek, it speaks to me.”

While I sew I’ve been listening to the Outlander audiobooks narrated by Davina Porter for about the thousandth time (don’t judge me) and the way she verbalizes the villain’s name spat out with malice ~ Stephen BONNET ~ well, I’ve developed an association. Ha.

I purchased this Smith & Larkin 1770’s Bonnet Kit in brown silk. These pattern kits are so much fun to work with; your fabric is all cut out, they all come with a little card documenting evidence for the item and you get really detailed instructions. I’m sure they were also detailed enough when it came to finishing the brim, but after reading them over many times I’m still not sure I did it right. It looks sloppy underneath, although it looks tightly affixed from the top view.

FullSizeRender (5)
Top view. Thank goodness that firetruck was on standby.

This was my first time working with silk, and I found it quite fussy. It frays easily and I found it difficult to get the 1/4 inch folded hem I needed for the caul portion (the bag that sits on your head). It still needs a decorative ribbon trim to hide the seam where brim meets caul, but here is a late night crappy bathroom selfie of progress thus far:

FullSizeRender (6)

Hopefully it’s dowdy enough that that scoundrel Stephen Bonnet would pass me right on by.


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