Who Was I?*

Although dressing up in beautiful handmade period-correct clothes and prancing about historical areas is a blast, that’s not my end goal. I also want immersion into life in the 1700’s, and to educate people about that everyday life beyond the Revolutionary War battlefields.

To help me with this I attended a First Person Interpretation Workshop at Claude Moore Colonial Farm a few months ago. They had us fill out this form to help us develop a “character”:

pg 1
The note says, “learn to make baskets”. Because it’s THAT EASY.

As you can (or cannot) see, I chose to portray the daughter of colonists of the Germanna settlement based on my own background with the cutesy nickname of “Trude” shortened from Gertrudt (hence the initials TH on my market wallet).

Now that I have all this planned out, I need to actually get some facts about the 18th century stuck in my day-dreamy head and get over the awkwardness of pretending the modern world doesn’t exist whilst interacting with visitors at some unknown event in the future.

For those seasoned historical interpreters reading this, hints and tips welcome!



*The title of this blog comes from a lovely little book by Cathy Johnson.



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