This Is My Review of a Haunted Lockhouse

Spookiest stairway EVAR.
  • Amenities – None. No heat, no electricity, no running water.
  • Views – Tired, unfriendly cyclists on the C&O canal.
  • Accommodations – Do you like dirt?

Because I’m slightly crazy adventurous I decided it would be a great idea to spend my birthday last March in a restored lockhouse on the C&O canal in Poolesville, MD. I chose Lockhouse 25 and bundled my patient husband and our 4 year old into the truck and off we went… Did I mention this whole trip was inspired by a dress?

The Dress.

Being a lover of all things working class, I snatched this used dress up on a whim being sold in a Civil War reenactment group with no idea of what I would do with it. (This is a reoccurring theme with me.)

So anyway, the lockhouse was decorated a la 1860’s so I thought it would be fun to wear the dress. Thanks to my husband’s heroic fire-making efforts, we were having a good time, playing and cooking gumbo outside even in the freezing rain. Night time came and we lit the candles and welcomed my aunt and uncle who had met us there for dinner. By this point I had purposefully neglected to mention an entry in the guest book I had read in the sitting room earlier, “Great night despite the footsteps up and down the stairway and the rapping on the window.”  Haha! Funny!

My aunt and uncle were not staying the night, so we said goodbye and I took our son upstairs to get ready for bed. Suddenly my uncle returned with the warning that there was a very disoriented backpacker creeping around outside in the dark not responding to inquiries as to what he needed. Husband and I conferred and decided we were going to puss out and pack out. The combination of the house being directly on the tow path, possible drug-addled hikers and partying locals being a bit much for us. Plus, it was colder than a witch’s left tit. Boo.

The next day I mentioned the guestbook entry and we decided to research the lockhouse and the area. Oh, guess what! It’s notoriously haunted! In fact, there’s a freaking ghost hunter video about it!

So maybe it’s best we left early. Whatever. I got to put on a pretty dress.

1860’s wash dress worn over a crappy modern corset, two petticoats and my Doc Martens. Sloppy costuming at its finest.









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