My interest in finding out more about my mother’s side of the family led me to Beulah:

14896453075_a30e3052a9_z (1)
Martha Beulah Holtzclaw 1872-1912. Died giving birth at age 39.

Beulah is my maternal great grandfather’s mother. Her 6 x’s great grandfather was Hans Jacob Holtzclaw. Hans, along with his wife Anna Margaret Otterbach were a part of the first wave of colonists from the Nassau-Siegen area of what is now Germany in 1714. They had committed to four years of service mining silver and iron for Governor Alexander Spotswood in order to pay off the remaining cost of their passage. Spotswood provided the 42 men, women and children a fort and two cannons in the area that is now Spotsylvania, Virginia (très généreux!)

By about the 1790’s Jacob’s descendants had started moving south into North Carolina, which is where they’d stick around up to and including my beloved mother.

Are you related to one of the Ft. Germanna families?


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