A Market Wallet

I wanted to go shopping in period-correct style last weekend at Fort Frederick, so I threw together a market wallet. This is what Charles LeCount has to say about it:

“In the collection of Historic Bethlehem Inc. is a late 18th or early 19th century  (1790-1840) Market wallet.  Recently purchased for the museum at an auction in Lancaster County, PA the wallet is now on display in the Sebastian Goundie House.

The wallet is made of a single piece of natural linen with a cream to light color. It is of equal, plain weave, approximately 131 warps and 31 wefts per inch.  Overall dimensions are 12-1/8″ by 39-1/4″.  The end and center seams are felled on the inside and have approximately 1/4″ seam allowance.  The slit is 14-1/4″ long and 1-3/4″ wide at its mid-point.  Its edges are rolled and Hemmed.”  

I didn’t pay terribly much attention to the dimensions because I was using some scrap linen, but I’m ok with the size:

The cross stitched T.H. are for a character I’m developing for first person interpretation.

My back-up for this project were a couple of portraits:

L’homme á la Besace by Françoise Duparc c. 1760
Large market wallet
The Cries of Dublin by Hugh Douglas Hamilton

I’ll also be using it tomorrow when I attend Revolutionary War Weekend at Mount Vernon. VERY excited and will post all about my first actual event!






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